I’m still here

My apologies, gentle readers, for my lack of posting. Truth be told, nothing of much interest has been happening my small corner lately. The weather these last months has been prohibitive of anything other than practice shooting, and work has been keeping me very busy, so I have very little to report…

The belt and holster from Overland Gunleather is holding up to my daily wear fabulously. So well, in fact, that I will have Adam at OG address any future holster need I have.

I have a couple new .45s on the way… one is a Sig 1911 that has been worked over by Grayguns that should be here any day. The other is a SAO P220 compact that should be here late next week. And I’ve decided my tax return will go towards a FNH FS2000.

That’s about all I have for now. Hopefully things will calm down soon and give me time to get some useful information up here for you.

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