I’ve been slacking.

Apologies to my readers, for I have been slacking. Well, I’ve been working my posterior off and not had much time for shooting and writing. I do have a few quick updates for you…

First of all, there’s a new precision AR-15 rifle in the works. Started with a RRA lower and LPK, VLTOR mil-spec buffer, EMOD buttstock (this may change to a Magpul PRS), and Geissele match rifle trigger. Now we’re waiting on a complete upper from White Oak Armamemt. Ordered a 18″ Varmint upper with a 1:12 twist and straight fluting. It should be here in about 3 more weeks. Topping it all off will be a Nikon Monarch-X 4-16×50mm riflescope that showed up at the door last week.

You may remember that I took order of a Sig P220 that came with the wrong slide. Well, Sig was true to their word and replaced it with the proper Elite slide – and the pistol was only out of my hands for a couple weeks. I’m very satisfied with Sig’s customer service and speedy turnaround. I’m also thrilled with this pistol – I shoot it better off-hand than any other centerfire pistol I own. I was able to put 18 rounds of 230 grain Federal ball into 4″ standing at 15 yards.

Sig P220 Carry Elite Dark - 18 rounds at 15 yards standing

Sig P220 Carry Elite Dark - 18 rounds at 15 yards standing

Lastly, I’m working on a new target stand. This one has a PVC frame with metal stakes for stability. As soon as I have it perfected, I’ll be sharing pics and post up the plans for it.

So hang in there, gentle readers. I’m doing my best not to let you down.

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