.22lr Shootout – Part One

I tried to do a .22 LR shootout over the weekend. It was on the windy side (10-15mph) and sunny, and I’m suspicious of my Chrony results. So take this report with a grain of salt.

For this comparison, I tried to level the playing field as much as possible for these very different rounds. All shots were fired out of the Savage Mark II BTVS from the Benchmaster Black Rifle Rest.

For each brand of ammo, I loaded a 10-round magazine, fired 5 fouling shots, then the remaining 5 shots for a group. All five shots were measured to determine group size.

I will try to revisit this soon, but for now, here’s the data:

Ammo Type Avg FPS Group Size Price per 50
Lapua Center X 1439 0.687″ $9.00
RWS R-50 1268 0.492″ $15.00
Eley Tenex Pistol Red 1407 1.942″ $18.00
RWS Rifle Match 1411 1.448″ $8.00
Eley Target 1377 1.206″ $4.80
Eley Sport 1377 1.117″ $2.80
SK Rifle Match 1390 0.671″ $6.50
SK Hi Velocity 1254 0.660″ $6.00

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One Response to “.22lr Shootout – Part One”

  1. Dave says:

    This is really good info. Looking forward to learning more from your site.

    I also have the Savage Mark II BTVS and did my first serious session last weekend. Very impressive set up. It’s sporting a Leupold VXII 6×18 AO on it and warne stainless rings and bases.

    I got VERY good results (need to start measuring) from Federal Gold Medal 922A.

    I really like your blog and have some of the same “toys”. Keep it up.