How to Clean your Sig 556 Barrel

Following is the standard barrel cleaning process I use.

For starters, always use a quality one-piece cleaning rod from the likes of Bore-Tech, Dewey or Tipton. Also, use a vise or cleaning stand. I use Bore-Tech’s Eliminator on my centerfire rifles, and following the instructions that Bore-Tech provides yields excellent results.

It’s very simple:
Run 3-5 patches saturated with Eliminator through the barrel.
Run a nylon brush soaked with Eliminator through the barrel about 15 times.
Repeat step one – 3-5 wet patches.
Let soak 5-10 minutes.
Run dry patches through the barrel until they come out clean.

I recently broke in the barrel of my new Sig 556. There’s a LOT of cleaning that goes on in that process, so I put together a quick video of how to clean the Sig 556 barrel during break-in:

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