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Savage Model 10 Tactical

This is a Savage Model 10 Tactical.

Savage Model 10 Tactical in .223 Remington

Savage Model 10 Tactical in .223 Remington

This Savage is my tack-driving 223. I traded a lightly used Remington 870 Express for it in 2008 – by far the best gun deal I’ve ever made.

This bolt-action .223 is a single-shot with a follower. It has a 1:9 twist heavy barrel with a target crown, free-floated in an HS Precision stock, bedded action, and a sweet trigger job that consistently breaks clean at 12 ounces.

Savage Model 10 Tactical

Savage Model 10 Tactical

I’ve topped this rifle with a Nikon Monarch 4-16×42SF scope. I hope to upgrade the scope to a Zeiss Conquest here in the near future… this outstandingly accurate rifle deserves outstanding glass.

Savage Model 10 Tactical - Nikon Monarch 4-16x42SF

Savage Model 10 Tactical w/ Nikon Monarch 4-16x42SF

When i first picked up this rifle, it was pretty dirty. I spent some time cleaning what looked like a couple years worth of powder and copper fouling out of the barrel. The Model 10 Tactical came with rings on it, so I rummaged through a drawer and found an old, beat up Tasco 4x scope to slap on the Savage and took her to a local rifle range the next morning.

I set up at 100 yards. After a quick bore-sight, I reached in my bag to get some rounds to zero in the beater Tasco. Alas, in my haste, I had forgotten to bring ammunition with me.

Luckily, a couple other fellas at the range were testing some of their .223 loads, and offered me some of theirs.

The first guy had some 55g Noslers loaded up in new brass that he gave me to get a zero. The first shot was about 2″ high and 1/4″ to the left of the bullseye. Gave the Tasco a click to the right and tried one more, and it was right where it belonged – 2″ directly over the bullseye at 100 yards.

The second fellow range-goer had loaded up some 52g Sierra HPBT bullets in some once-fired brass. He wasn’t having very good luck with his ammo in his Thompson Contender. I shot two of his rounds at my same target and slightly widened my earlier hole. The first gentleman was incredulous, so I allowed him to shoot the rifle. His shot widened the same hole to just over 1/4″. Then the loader himself had to try it out – his shot made our three-person five-shot group 3/8″.

So we had three different shooters make one jagged hole with 5 rounds of 223 at 100 yards shooting a used Savage Model 10 with a beat up Tasco scope on it using two different kinds of ammo.

Savage Model 10 Tactical - First target

Savage Model 10 Tactical - First Target

The gentleman with with the Sierra loads was kind enough to share his recipe:
52 grain Sierra Match BTHP, Winchester primer and case, 24.5g H335.

We’ll visit this fine rifle again to see what it does with some real glass on it… and many, many different loads.

Happy shooting.