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Sig P220 Carry Elite Dark

The Sig I ordered a few months back finally came in last week.

New Sig Sauer P220 Carry Elite Dark

New Sig Sauer P220 Carry Elite Dark

It’s a P220 Carry Elite Dark. The P220 is chambered in .45ACP, and the Carry model has a 3.9″ barrel. The Elite model Sigs come with the short reset trigger, extended beavertail and accessory rail. This “Dark” model is additionally equipped with anodized aluminum grips and adjustable combat night sights. The full specs can be found on Sig’s website.

The Sig P220 Carry Elite Dark comes with adjustable combat night sights

The Sig P220 Carry Elite Dark comes with adjustable combat night sights

After the initial cleaning and lubing, I took it out to the range to start the break-in. My method is very simple for pistol break-in: shoot 25 rounds, clean; another 25, clean; then clean every hundred after that.

The P220 shot quite well from the first round, and just kept getting better. I was a little surprised at the amount of recoil – at 30 ounces unloaded, it’s not a light gun. I expected the muzzle flip to be quite a bit tamer than my Kimber Ultra, which is 5 oz lighter and whose barrel is not quite an inch shorter, but it’s about the same. Here’s a video of my first few shots:

After about 75 rounds, the accuracy started waning – quickly. I shot a group with some good ammo at 10 yards that slowly spread out to about 8 inches. Then I switched to Hydrashoks, and it got even worse.

I unloaded and inspected the pistol, and I could move the rear sight in the dovetail freely.
This Sig has “adjustable combat night sights” – they look like MMC sights. There are two tiny set screws for windage adjustment. I centered the sight and tightened them down the best I could with the supplied allen wrench. I couldn’t feel the screws turn much, but I did manage to twist the tiny allen wrench. The camera was rolling while all this happened:

As you can see towards the end of the video, the adjustment turned out to be darned close, as I shot another 125 rounds after tightening and the pistol stayed on target.

Towards the end of the range session, I had put about 200 rounds through the Sig, and I was able to put 8 rounds in 1.8″ 25 yards off a bag, and 8 rounds in .8″ standing at 10 yards.

All in all, this is an impressive weapon. The fit and finish is quite nice, it’s surprisingly accurate, and feels great in my hands. The SRT trigger is a delight, although the DA pull is a little heavy. I’m looking forward to some more range time with the P220 – I think this will make a fine carry piece.